Class for Backup_Restore of Mysql database

Today i’m very happy, cause myclass has been approved in phpClasses.

i submit my class in phpClasses last 15 days ago. approved information get yesterday. you can backup and restore your mysql database very simply way using my class. it produce a .sql file as a backup file, and also you can restore this file using my class.

Backup: when you call my backup_database method, it create a yourdatabase_name.sql file under the ‘location/dump/’ path.

i test it loccally, but not tested in remotly.

now i’m very bz, so i will tested it remotly also

you can download my classes” Here –>>>>

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  1. hi brother,

    It’s great to see that your blog on live now. Great acheivement(approval of your class by phpclasses )!! I will follow your blog!!

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